“I’m here to get the best version out of your hair.
Color or cut: I’d like to make you shine!”

Annalia—Top Stylist & Colorist

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Annalia might the latest top-stylist added to our team, but she definitely is amongst the most eager ones to make you and your hair shine! Whether it’s super-fine hair or loaded with extensions, Annalia will have you out the door feeling fabulous. Her signature is balayage, so if you are in need of some va-va-voom: Annalia is your girl! Annalia is completely unflappable and always delivers a totally covetable cut and style, regardless of your hair. Or as she often tells her clients: “All hair is good hair!”. She loves every texture and will work with you to find a style that suits you down to the ground.

“All hair is good hair!”

Annalia originates from Switzerland and grew up in a small mountain village near the city of Lausanne. The hairstyling basics she acquired during a 3-year apprentice in Sion in Switzerland. She jump-started her career as a stylist at the renowned 5* hotel Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne where she worked for more than 5 years. Before moving to Amsterdam, she worked another 2 years at London’s DryBy salon in the fashionable West End district.

“Annalia is een topkapper met oog voor detail en voor jou. Zij is zeer goed in het kleuren en in styling, je gaat altijd blij naar huis. Een echte aanrader!”



“Annalia heeft mijn haar prachtig geknipt en lang gehouden. ook de kleur van mijn haar is prachtig geworden. ik ga zeker weer terug…”



“Ik liep langs de salon en ging naar binnen.  Ik ben door een Zwitserse dame uitstekend geholpen! Nooit zo goed gefohnd…  (ze heet Analia)”