“I’m here to get the best version out of your hair.
Color or cut: I’d like to make you shine!”

Jonas—Top Stylist & Colorist

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Jonas Bedoya might be the latest top-stylist added to our team, but he definitely is amongst the most eager ones to make you and your hair shine! Whether it’s super-fine hair or loaded with extensions, Jonas will have you out the door feeling fabulous. His signature is definitely a ‘natural finishing’ ensuring he gets the best out of your hair, so if you are in need of some va-va-voom: Jonas is your man! He is completely unflappable and always delivers a totally covetable cut and style, regardless of your hair. Or as he often tells his clients: “All hair is good hair!”. He loves every texture and will work with you to find a style that suits you down to the ground.


“All hair is good hair!”

Jonas truly is an all round top stylist, originally from Costa Rica, his professional career jump-started in Barcelona Spain: for over 10 years he worked at the well-reknowned salon of Raffel Pagès. With his over a decade of experience as a top stylist, he is the go-to person for any hair or styling question you may have. Subtle quality is his motto and that’s why he is the perfect fit for our salon!

Prettige ervaring gehad bij deze salon en een goed pluspunt is dat de medewerkers hier heel vriendelijk zijn en met je meedenken voor het beste resultaat. Deze salon zou ik zonder twijfel aan anderen aanbevelen! Tot volgende keer.”



“Jonas heeft mijn haar prachtig geknipt en lang gehouden. ook de kleur van mijn haar is prachtig geworden. ik ga zeker weer terug…”



“Jonas is knowledgable, fun and kind. He is helping me in the best way possible to transfer from platinum blonde to baby highlights. Left the salon with a smile!”



“I am very satisfied with the haircut I got at Lysandro’s salon. Jonas knows how to handle my hair and I am always happy with the results. He knows what color and hairstyle suits me best. It’s a pleasure spending time over there.”